Friday, October 15, 2010

Alienology: We Are Not Alone...

OooOooH, it's been aaaaages....... Sorry. It's been a busy month (again).

On 1st October, Templar published 'Alienology' , part of their hugely successful 'Ology' series and the first of these books that I've had the opportunity to work on. I love aliens and robots and space, so it was great fun to work on. Nghiem Ta, the wonderful and very organised Art Director, gave me a spreadsheet with all sorts of information about twenty or so aliens and then I spent a few weeks doodling away, until I had a couple of nice line-ups showing all the aliens to scale.

Here's one of the line-ups, and a few of the aliens at a larger scale. 'Alienology' is available from all good bookstores now!

And one illustration I particularly enjoyed researching... The internal organs of the 'Grey' alien!! EeeurggHh!!! (I with an under drawing by the very clever pencil maestro, Douglas Carrel)

And for anyone who lives in London and likes books (and aliens), I'll be at the Waterstones store in Kensington on the 28th October doing some drawing and colouring-in, along with the author of 'Alienology', Dugald Steer. I think we're due at 2pm....