Friday, June 01, 2012

It's Hay Feeev-aarRR!

I will be appearing at the Hay Festival next Wednesday! This will be my second year at the festival, and I'm very excited to be returning. I had a brilliant time last year, with an event full of mini-pirates who ran amok in the Starlight tent, followed by an interesting night out with two of my favourite children's book authors, Adam Stower and Ed Vere. Rather too much red wine was qouffed in one particular book shop.....

This year I'm just travelling down for the day, with my family, so will be on my best behaviour and will be steering clear of red wine, because I'll need to drive home at bedtime. But I will get all pirate-y and read 'The Pirates Next Door' (above) and 'The Pirate Cruncher'. Then I shall be a gnarly pirate, and may even do some doodling.

So if anyone's at Hay, with little pirates in tow, come and see me on Wednesday 6th June at 4.00pm! OOOooo-ArR!

Here's a LINK.