Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A doodling ex-Pirate? Where!?

I've got a few trips out over the coming weeks and months, so thought it might be useful to let people know about them. If you live nearby and would like me to sign your book, draw you a skull and crossbones or tell you a pirate yarn, pop along. I may even have my pirate hat on. Or I may be dressed up as (a well-fed) Ming the Merciless!

23rd March: RESCHEDULED!! Waterstones, Chester at 11.30am, with a story and some doodling. Followed by Waterstones, Wrexham at 2.30pm, with some reading, doodling and fancy dress.

Chester and Wrexham Waterstones visits will now be 6th April at 11.30am in Chester and 2.30pm in Wrexham (the perfect time for a dental appointment, some might say).

24th March: Waterstones, Llandudno at 11.30am, with reading, doodling and waffle (followed by scoffing fish and chips on the promenade!)

27th March: Waterstones, Altrincham at 11.30am, followed by Waterstones, Manchester (Deansgate) at 2.30pm. Back to the Duddle family seat in Manchester! My great grandad made clogs in Salford, don't you know....

30th March: Waterstones, Cheltenham at 10.30am, for some reading, doodling and signing.

6th May: Shrewsbury Children's Book Festival. This one is almost local for me, just a little drive from the wet Welsh hills. Although the last time I drove to Shropshire in my Morris Minor, I suffered a full brake failure on the Wrexham bypass! EeeeK!

26th May: Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye. I shall be reading 'The King of Space', maybe a pirate book too, and doing some scrawly drawings. If you like books, Hay is brilliant!!

3rd August: Camp Bestival, Dorset. I'm going to be dressed as a pirate whilst reading one of my pirate books in the Dingly Dell. I may also be swaying with the crowd at Richard Hawley. You could probably play 'spot-the-pirate-hat', but no doubt there'll be a few pretend pirates wearing them too.

There are a couple of other things that might happen later in the year, so I'll update this post as soon as I know!


World of Peter George said...

Oooh, look at that concentration face!

jonny duddle said...

Haha! Drawing is a tricky business!

Kerina said...

Can't you come and do Ipswich on the way to Cheltenham? x

Unknown said...

And Norwich would be nice

Ben J Hamilton said...

Hey Jonny, Love your work - pirates and space . . ain't nothin' cooler. Even though I'm 25 I proudly marched through the checkout with a copy of 'Pirate Cruncher' in my hand because the illustration was sooooo good.

bec said...
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bec said...

My son loves ur work and is amazed by your illustrations . Please will you sign his book on 6th. Could u manage a pirates drawing too. He would be made up. He is only 5 and wants you to come into his class x

Pikacz Malutki said...

Zawsze ciekawiła mnie jedna rzecz: jak zmienić numer konta w urzędzie skarbowym, ale w sumie nie wiem skad sie mi to wzięło :)

Vinicius Barros said...

Love Your work man!
And I bought a book of yours
Great illustrations!

Unknown said...

Hi Jonny, my wife and son saw your show at Hay and managed to blag your tyrannosaurus pic, which I queued up to get signed (we bought your pirates book the next day!).

You told me you use Corel Painter - I just wondered if you use a graphics tablet and what kind you have? As a frustrated graphic designer Hay's inspired me to have a crack myself!

Cheers, Dan.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'm writing in hope that you might read this. I'm 17 and currently doing A-levels (Art, Art and Design, Film Studies). I want to get into illustration but not entirely sure where to start, my parents are concerned that I wont make a living out of it. I've been praised by my teachers for my work, and don't want to put my talents to waste. I was looking to contact you about this and to seek your advice, if you could take some time to reply I would be greatful.

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