Sunday, February 19, 2012

Window Shopping...

We had a family day out to the seaside yesterday, and spotted 'The Pirates Next Door' in the window of Watersones, Llandudno!

It had a nice spot amongst the shortlisted titles (and a couple of imposters), right in the middle... Daisy and Rosie were very excited and Rosie toddled into the shop shouting 'Daddy's book! Daddy's book!'

Also in the window was (fellow Arena artist) Alex T Smith's 'Claude in the City', which I've just bought for Daisy. Alex is brilliant and funny and the Claude books are full of his wonderful illustrations, so I've got my fingers and toes crossed for both of us, for the awards ceremony in March!

I'm going to be a little quiet online for a while, so I can give my next book, 'The King of Space', my full attention as I head towards the impending deadline.... My router will be turned off, my noise cancelling headphones turned on, and my Wacom stylus will be a whirl of doodling action.

Meanwhile, I may occasionally post some 'work in progress' on my 'King of Space' blog.

I shall return sometime in April, if everything goes to plan....

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Vecicomix said...

Ciao! Your artworks are amazing!Yesterday I bought your book (in italian)