Friday, March 01, 2013

Happy St.David's King of Space day!!

A conversation with my seven year old daughter, Daisy, at breakfast this morning...

Me: What's special about today, Daisy?
Daisy: Um... It's St.David's Day
Me: Yup. What else?
Daisy: Er... I'm going to a theatre workshop with school!!
Me: Yup. And What else?
Daisy: I get to have a packed lunch!!
Me: Yes, yes. What else?
Daisy: Errrrr....
Me: The King of Space is published today!!!
Daisy: But we've had it for ages.
Me: Sigh...... Would you like another piece of toast?

Today IS the official publication date of my new picture book, 'The King of Space'. Available from all good book stores and the magical interweb!

I was sent a lovely review of the book on the 'Read it daddy!' blog. And somebody on facebook told me their son wants to read it every night. So I feel slightly less anxious than I did a few days ago.

Which is nice.

More to come later...

And if anyone who reads this blog lives in Liverpool and has a little tyrant who likes spaceships, robots and aliens (and funny looking bald men reading stories and drawing pictures), I will be in Waterstones' Liverpool One store tomorrow, Saturday 2nd March, between 2pm and 4pm.

P.S. 'The King of Space' is published in the USA on 13th March!


Badger said...

Awesome! congratulations Jonny!

Larry MacDougall said...

Looks great Jonny. I hope it finds it's way to Canada.

Diego DAndrea said...

Waiting for it to come to Brazil's bookstores!

Charles Eubanks said...

Excellent, I just per-ordered my copy here in the U.S.! Good luck! It looks fantastic!

mysteryguy said...

Just saw your book at the library and loved it. Thought you'd like the majority of this review...

ReadItDaddy said...

YAY! Thanks for the mention of our review. Really loved it, lots of 'dad' appeal (basically being a big sci fi and space nerd means I've been following its progress for ages ever since spotting the early scribbles in a digital art book). My daughter utterly loves it, because secretly I think she'd rather like an army of robots to take into school.


ReadItDaddy and C

sam hearn said...

The King of space is a lovely book! I bought meself a copy just the other day and am very much a fan : )